The art forms of opera, ballet, orchestral performance and kapa haka have each enriched our lives for hundreds of years, but as we move towards the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, these art forms are all struggling with twin challenges:

  • perceptions that they are only for a niche, exclusive audience, and

  • increasing scarcity of traditional funding.

In previous centuries, each of these forms has evolved and morphed many times as societies and technologies have changed. In the last few decades, however, there has been a much greater emphasis on preserving the tradition of each of these art forms, rather than continuing to invent them anew for a new era.  



What if the next evolution of our performing arts came from infusing them with New Zealand's world-leading science and technology?

The application of science and technology to opera, ballet, orchestra and kapa haka could have multiple benefits for New Zealand including:

  • transforming or adding new dimensions to each art form

  • enabling new ways of accessing and interacting with each art form

  • reaching new audiences

  • creating accessible and visible applications of our world-leading science and technology

  • generating new revenue streams, and possibly a new economic sector, for New Zealand

  • lifting performance standards

  • reducing injury

  • extending performing careers and

  • generating operating efficiencies.

In order to create a vibrant, dynamic ArtsTech sector, we need to make it easy for artists, scientists and tech innovators to connect and work together.  To date, this hasn't happened by chance, so a catalyst is needed.  The ArtsTech project wants to be that catalyst.  At the core of the ArtsTech project are twin objectives:

- to remove barriers that are preventing these cross-sectoral collaborations from happening serendipitously and

- to engender the support, the connectivity and the glue needed to enable ArtsTech innovation to flourish.

In New Zealand, we need to make it easy for artists, scientists and tech innovators to:

  • come together across their organisational, sectoral and conceptual boundaries  
  • identify new products or applications of science and technology to the arts
  • work out how to work together to progress the ideas
  • take ArtsTech ideas from concept to application or commercialisation   
  • share learning about how best to do all of the above, so the ArtsTech sector is learning quickly from everyone's experiences
  • to broadcast New Zealand’s artistic, scientific and technological collaborative innovation to the world

Want to Help make it Happen?

We're building a coalition of people and institutions who see the exciting possibilities of ArtsTech and the multiple benefits it could create for New Zealand. If you want to be part of making this future happen, come and see the examples of ArtsTech at Creative Realities or get in touch with us through the form below


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