What if the New Zealand performing arts sector was infused with science and technology in the same way that our agriculture sector, our film industry and our high performance sports sector already are?

Other sectors have been significantly transformed by scientific advances and by the rich digital ecosystem that has emerged over the last two decades, but orchestras, kapa haka, and ballet and opera companies have hardly been touched by this revolution.  This is a global lag. It's not just in New Zealand that these connections haven't happened yet, but New Zealand is perfectly placed to bring its arts, science and tech sectors together to lead the world in ArtsTech innovation.  What if New Zealand reinvented each of these art forms for the 21st century by deliberately combining performing arts with science and technology at every level of artistic endeavour?


Want to Help make it Happen?

We're building a coalition of people and institutions who see the exciting possibilities of ArtsTech and the multiple benefits it could create for New Zealand.  Here are two things you can do if you want to be part of making this future happen here:

Attend New ZealAnD'S Inaugural ArtsTech Speed Dating

Tuesday 9th May in Wellington

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